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I quite understand that I shouldn’t be writing on how to create a new yahoo mail account as almost anyone can virtually do this just by using a computer or mobile device but the better truth is, most persons still find it hard to reach the yahoo registration page and create a yahoo mail account without the aid of anyone around them. On this post, I’d like to teach on how you can sign up for a yahoo mail account with ease.
It is believed that opening or creating a new account on yahoo can only be done via the use of a computer. Yes but that’s not totally true. Creating a new account can also be done via the use of a mobile phone although it is much safer using a PC but not everyone owns a pc, but virtually 90% of internet users own a mobile device.

How To Create A Yahoo Mail Account On PC

create new yahoo mail account on yahoo registration page
First, Visit and you will be redirected to the main page on the yahoo login.
Click on Create New Account which is rightly beneath the Facebook and Google plus symbols.
Upon clicking the create new account button, you will be redirected to a new page where you are required to fill in your details(I would advice you input your correct details so that whenever you lost your account details, it will be easy to retrieve).
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Input your first name, last name, preferred yahoo mail username(e.g trueinternetworld), type in your preferred password(Make sure its something you can easily remember).
Using a phone number is essential and useful for security reasons, select the country and type in the rest of your phone number(e.g select Nigeria +234, on the mandatory mobile number tab, type in the format 8012345678).
Input your correct date of birth, select your gender if you are a male or female.
Yahoo mail also offers the option of an optional recovery number, here you can input the phone number of your friend or relation, its essential just in case you lost your mobile phone, you can verify your account using the optional recovery number and do not forget to state the relationship on the relationship tab.
Go through the details you had input earlier and make sure they are all correct and accurate. When done verifying, click the Create Account button.
You probably will be prompt to verify your phone number via a code that will be sent to your phone number, verify and you are good to go. Viola, you just created an email address on yahoo mail for your self solely by yourself.

How To Create A Yahoo Mail Account Using A Mobile Device

Creating a New Yahoo Mail account from a mobile phone is very much possible. I specifically wouldn’t advice using browsers like Opera Mini for this because the registration pages are shown in scanty ways you probably won’t be able to understand hence I’d advice using the mobile device default browser.
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Just visit and follow the same steps as illustrated for creating an account using PC. Its same procedure so you have nothing to fear.
Following the above instructions squarely, you should be able to successfully reach the yahoo registration Page and successfully create new yahoo mail account with ease.

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