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Wapdam is a platform that allows you download Games, Applications, Videos, themes, wallpapers and even more. Are you searching for a site where you can download absolutely free stuffs like games, applications etc? Then www.Wapdam.com should be on your radar.

I have known this platform for quite sometime now and over the course of time, the platform has proven to be another great free download site like sefan.ru, mobile9.com, and others. Perhaps in subsequent post, I will be talking on these various sites.

However, for now, let’s stick to the main subject matter. Here, we will be discussing about the download platform for downloading free games, apps, videos, MP3 music files for your phone and also discuss how to download on the site. Sounds interesting? Good!

What is On Wapdam downloading site?

On wapdam, there are loads of amazing stuffs to download. The better part of it is that, it is free. Yes, free! Use of the site is free and downloads of all the files on the site are also free. Bare in mind though, if you need to download movie streaming apps for your android phone, you may want to consider checking the best sites to download movie apps instead.

wapdam download games, apps. music files on www.wapdam.com

There are lots of sections like:

  • Games
  • Wallpapers
  • Themes
  • Videos
  • Mp3 Musics etc.

Having mentioned all of those sections, how about I formerly introduce these wapdam sessions to you?

Wapdam MP3 Music

This session on the platform is specifically tailored for people with interest in songs. Via the wapdam mp3 download section you can choose to search for what song you are looking for. Alternatively, you can decide to go through their pre-arranged categories.

The pre-arranged music sessions on Wapdam includes New music, New Global Music, Most download music, most downloaded global music. Depending on your country, you can also find songs related to your country. As earlier mentioned, this is a great start for music enthusiasts.


Yes, there is the video session on wapdam. As the name goes by, this is basically for video enthusiasts. The category houses your video needs. These could include wapdam videos, celebrity videos, music clips and XXX videos. The XXX video session is specifically for Adult videos, Hot movies and sort.

Via the Videos sections you can choose to download full videos or short videos. If action, romance or any other sort of full movie is what you are looking for, this is not the platform for you. Instead, you should check out movie download sites like Fzmovies. There, you can download block buster movies for free.


This session is specifically for game lovers. If you are a huge fan of games and would love to download games on your phone, this is the category for you. On this session, there are loads of wapdam games to download. Games like soccer, assassins greed, pro-soccer etc. Hence, if you are into gaming, this is the session to visit. Games are also updated daily. Hence, you may want to consider checking the platform very often for new stuffs.

How Do I Visit Wapdam?

To Visit wapdam, just goto www.wapdam.com on your mobile and enjoy a whole new world of downloads. Please note however, the site is majorly programmed for mobile view function. For flexible accessibility, kindly use your mobile phone or mobile device in visiting the site so you do not get stock in reaching wapdam.

Would you be interested in knowing how to download from the website? If yes, this post talks on how to download on the platform.

As at the time of writing this post, using www.wapdam.com on your computer displays a warning using Mozilla or firefox browser. However, it does redirect properly to waptrick on mobile. Waptrick seem to be the new site and pretty much everything contained in the post above, is applicable to waptrick as well.

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