Unable To Click On Links On Yahoo Mail Message? Here's Solution

Following some question and answers trend on the internet, i have come to realize that some people seem to be complaining that they are unable to click on links on emails received via their yahoo mail account. I’d like to provide some quick tips here and a possible solution to the problem above.
Head Start:
If you are new to yahoo mail and probably looking out on how to create an account, I’d recommend reading my step-by-step guild on How to Create New Yahoo Mail Account.
Before we begin giving a solution to the problem of been unable to click on links on yahoo emails, let’s analyze the possible problem.

Why Am I Unable To Click On Links On Yahoo Emails?

Here’s the simple truth. Spam mails on yahoo mails have their hyperlinks disabled. What this actually entails is that, in a bid to protect your account and privacy, Yahoo Inc made all links on the spam folder, not click-able. Even through you get the blue linings which clearly states that there’s a link to click through, you wouldn’t be able to click on them.

unable to click on links on yahoo mail emails

Another case is the fact that, even though there’s a blue lining on some emails on yahoo inbox folder, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are links. They could just be words written in a way to get more attention or make more emphasis then the rest content of the email.
Solution To The Problem On Not Been Able To Click On Links On Yahoo Mail
Following the possible problems i have started above, it could be right to say the problem lies on the mails on the spam folder right?
Oh well, the simple solution to this is simply moving the spam mails to the inbox folder. How do you do this?
Simply view the email message, look at the option at the top bar of the message and click on ‘Not Spam‘. This will automatically move the message to the inbox folder. Navigate back to the inbox folder and click on the email message. At this point, the hyperlinks should become click able now.

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