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Tubidy.mobi is a website where you can search and download MP3 music files and MP4 videos. Tubidy indexes videos from internet and trans-codes them to be played on your mobile phone. I am sure you know this, right?

Well, what if I introduce the site properly to know, give you the working tubidy website address (scroll down) and also give you a quick guide on how to download music files and music video files on the website? Sounds like a deal? Great!

Although for the most part, this blog has been about movie sites and television shows, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to deviate a bit to something that is still within the entertainment scope, right?

Tubidy MP3 Music and Video downloads

If you are interested in downloading movies, check out resources like 0123movies, Filmywap and the likes. If however, you are interested in downloading music videos and mp3 music files, tubidy is the website for you.

Tubidy.Mobi – Music Video Search Engine

Technically, Tubidy is a platform for straightly music videos and mp3 music downloads. Before now, it used to be a website for strictly videos. Kinda similar to what we have on sites like waptrick. However, the website has reformed and it’s now strictly music videos. No videos like funny videos and the likes anymore.

While the files downloaded from the website can be usable on desktop computers, tubidy website is built specifically for mobile.

What this means is, it is better to use your mobile phone in download files from the website.

As much as being able to download from the website on android is easy, it’s a bit technical for iPhone users. This is courtesy of the restrictions iOS brings to the table. However, I will be sure to give you a quick guide on how to download from tubidy using your iPhone or iPad. Hence, please keep reading.

Tubidy MP3 Music

As much as the site is dedicated to music videos in MP4 format, there is an option to download tubidy mp3 music. This way, rather than download the mp4 format, you can choose to download the mp3 audio format of a music video. Sounds cool, right?

That’s how flexible the platform is.

To better convey this, allow me show you how to download tubidy mp3 music audio on your android phone. iPhone and iPad users can follow the same steps. However, be sure to use a third-party app like DManager browser app.

How To Download Tubidy MP3 Audio

Being able to download audio files on the website is easy and straight forward. Simply follow these steps.

  • Visit the tubidy.mobi website. Click here to visit.
  • Tap on the music audio file you want to download
  • Select MP3 Audio
  • On the next page, tap on MP3 Audio again
  • After a few seconds, the file should automatically begin downloading.

That’s it. That’s how to download a tubidy mp3 audio file.

Tubidy Music Video Download

Having discussed how to download audio mp3 files from the website, let’s see how to do same for video mp4 files.

On tubidy, the default download option is mp4 which of course, is a video format. Hence, being able to accomplish this is easy.

  • Visit the tubidy.mobi website. This link takes you there.
  • Search and tap on the music video file you want to download
  • Select MP4. If using a lower phone like a Java or Symbian phone, select 3GP Reg or 3GP Hi.
  • On the next page, tap on Mp4 video
  • After a few minutes, the download should begin.

Again, if using an iPhone, you should use the third-party app recommended above.

That’s it. That’s all to know about tubidy.mobi website, the mobile video search engine and how to download tubidy mp3 music audio and mp4 video file.


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