Best 10+ Tools For Monitoring Websites / Blogs Downtime And Uptime

As you probably know, virtually every web hosting company promises 99.9% server up-time but 90% of these web hosting companies do not keep up to this promise. Quite alright, sometimes these server down-times could be beyond their control but when there is are down times every now and then, then it could be right to say those web hosting companies aren’t reliable.
Now, the question for website owners, bloggers and webmasters could be, ‘How do I know when my website is down?‘ Oh yes, you can’t  possibly be accessing your site 24 hours of the day neither can you always be sure a reader will alert you when your site is down. Hence, the only possible option is to use some online website monitoring tools or services which checks your website every certain interval and alerts you when its down. Another question could be, ‘Is it necessary to always monitor your website uptime?‘. Oh yes it is. Let’s analyze that together.
Reasons You Should Always Monitor Your Website Downtime and Uptime
tools for monitoring websites downtime and uptime
There are many negativity that could happen when your website is down. Out of all these, I’d like to mention a few:
Visitors: Believe it or not, a website been down can obviously turn off visitors. What’s worst is if those visitors access your blog or website from search engines and perhaps, if another search query was made and your site happens to be on the site, they could choose to ignore your site because they wouldn’t wanna access a site that is down.
Lower Search Engine Rankings: This might sound weird to you and it might also sound like ‘yeah I know this’ but whatever the case may be, a blog or website been inaccessible or down for long hours or days could affect the search engine placement of the site.
Decrease in traffic: The two points above obviously have something to do with traffic to a website or blog. Definitely, even if a website is down for just about an hour, it could affect traffic a great deal.
Earnings: If your blog or website is your source of revenue then making sure your website is available 24 hours of the day is paramount. Your website or blog been down for sometime could cost you to lose some money outside losing traffic.
Having said all those, let’s take a step further to knowing some online tools or web services we could use in monitoring websites or blog downtime and uptime.

10+ Online Tools For Monitoring Website Or Blog Downtime and Uptime

1. Pingdom: I have been using ping tool monitoring tool for a long while now and the service has been awesome. Apart from the fact that you get prompt email notification of your website downtime or uptime, you will also get alert via your mobile number if you registered that in and BTW, its free! However, Pingdom has a paid services which of course promises more features and enhancement.
Access Pingdom Free Website Monitoring Service Here
2. Siteuptime: Yeah, I also use siteuptime and the service is pretty cool. I think I started using the web service like 2 months ago and its been a pretty okay experience although ping tool still tops. They claim to check your website during 30 minutes interval but I wonder how come they are always aware when my site is down and up again. They do send alerts via email. More so, Siteuptime has a quick checking tool which checks if your website is currently up or down.
3. JetPack Monitoring Module: The website monitoring service was introduced to jetpack plugin somewhere late last year or early this year. Its an amazing module which also checks your blog to make sure it is always online and whenever its down, you do get an email alert. The only downside with Jetpack is that, it only works with WordPress blogs which has got JetPack plugin installed, activated and running.
Other online tools for monitoring blog or website downtime and uptime includes but are not limited to:
4. UptimeRobot
6. InternetSeer
7. Uptrends
8. Montastic
9. Are My Sites Up?
10. Site24x7
11. 100Pulse
Summary: Here’s my advice, if after using any of these tools or web services and you do get frequent alerts of down-times and up-times of your website or blog, change your web hosting company!

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