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TheWatchSeries is one of those online platforms where you can get to download TV series, shows and movies for free.

The download platform has been in existence for quite some time now and, I’d like to introduce it to you.

If this is your first time hearing about the website, you are welcome. If otherwise, how about if I tell you there is a simpler way to download TV shows online from thewatchseries?

Most shows and movie download Platforms Online currently utilize one thing. A lot of ads.

Well, how else are they supposed to make money off the platform in the first place?

Using ads isn’t even the problem here. A lot of them use pop up ads which can be really annoying. If you have experienced same, you will agree with me.

Thankfully, there is a way you can download from these online movie downloading sites without having to experience too many pop up ads.

On this post, I will not only talk on thewatchseries, I will also talk on how to download from the platform online and also proffer a few alternatives.

But first, let’s start from the top. Let’s talk a bit more about Shall we?

TheWatchSeries – Download Movies and TV shows Online

Checking through the website, it seemed to have re-branded to Meaning, it’s probably a better idea to use the new URL when accessing the website.

This however, wouldn’t matter much as the old URL Address is still very active.

Back to the main theme of the website, on the platform, you can get to download your favorite TV series and shows.

thewatchseries download tv shows series and movies online

Being able to get your favorite show on the online download platform is easy.

There are sessions like latest popular episodes, most popular shows, TV schedules and newest episodes added.

There is also a search bar which can be really handy. That way, if you have a particular TV show you’d like to download online, simply type in the title and the website handles the rest.

An option to get TV shows via genres is also on the platform. That way, you can select between action, romance, sci-fi and a host of others.

This is one platform I highly advise if you are into TV shows and series.

Having cleared all you need to know about the online download platform, how about I show you the easiest way to download TV shows from

Easiest Method To Download TV Shows On

If using mobile, I often advise the use of two browsers; opera mini and ucbrowser. If using a computer, I often advise the use of IDMs. IDM is a short form for internet download manager.

These browsers are considered the most fastest browsers currently. Google Chrome is also fast, I however, recommend opera mini or ucbrowser when it comes to downloads from these platforms.

You can download opera mini on your Android phone from the Google play store app here. For ucbrowser, this link takes you to the direct download page.

Having downloaded any of those browsers, let’s head on the main subject matter. Here, I will be showing you how to download TV shows on TheWatchSeries using opera mini.

How To Download TV Shows On Mobile

  • Launch the Opera mini browser, let it install properly. This only happens if it’s your first time installing the app.
  • Visit
  • Tap on the TV show you would like to download
  • Scroll down and choose any of the servers (links) you would like to download from.
  • To choose a server, simply click on the watch link inline with the server.
  • On the next page, tap on Click Here to Play.

Most of the servers do not allow add blockers. Hence, you may want to disable the ad blocker feature on the browser. If you are not comfortable doing so, simply use a different server or use any of the alternatives below.

Same steps can be done using ucbrowser. You just have to follow strict adherence.

Best Alternatives To Download TV shows Online

Alternatives can be really handy. Especially in cases whereby a particular website is down or download speed is slow.

For that reason, here are some alternatives to TheWatchSeries I’d recommend checking out.

  1. O2tvseries
  2. FzTVseries
  3. Toptvshows
  5. Showbox
  6. Bobbymovie

There are more alternatives. However, I’d be sticking with the above 6 for now. Perhaps, I will update this list when I get my hands on more. Hence, I’d recommend you bookmark this page on your browser and keep visiting for updates.

While the first 4 alternatives are online platforms, the last 2 are apps.

Sometimes, I prefer using apps to having to key in words and sort. If that’s also you, showbox and Bobby movie comes highly recommended.

I will likely write about them and update it on this post too.

Hence, as earlier mentioned, perhaps you should bookmark this page on your browser.

Which other movie and TV show online download platform do you know asides thewatchseries?

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