Spotflux VPN : Best Free VPN For Android Phones And Tablets

If you are looking out for the best free vpn software you could use on your android phone or tablet then spotflux should fit in for you but that totally depends on what you need a vpn for.
If you are used to using Airtel network in surfing the internet most times on your android device or PC, then you probably would have noticed that its impossible to log into every secure website using HTTPS protocol on the network and the only option to bypass this would be using a vpn software or app.
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I recently went in search a great deal for a VPN app to use on my android tablet since I didn’t want to use hotspot shield VPN on my PC.
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I did an exclusive research on Google and most of the VPNs prescribed where either not working or was on a paid subscription but I wanted something ‘free’ and somehow, I came across spotflux VPN which apparently worked well for me based on what I actually wanted it for.

Introduction To SpotFlux VPN

spotflux vpn for android phones and tablet
I’d think there isn’t any need for an introduction based on the highlight I have given above but then, let me give a defined definition of what a VPN means and what it does.
According to wikipedia, A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it were directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. This is done by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, encryption, or a combination of the two. That been said, let’s advance to knowing where you can download the app.

Where To Download SpotFlux VPN For Android

Spotflux VPN can be downloaded from the official Google play store. In other to save you from searching through the android market, you can download via this link to your android phone or tablet.

How SpotFlux Works?

When done downloading, launch the app on your device and you should see a welcome message with the heading ‘spotflux attempts to create a VPN network‘, tap on ‘I trust this application‘ and tap ‘OK‘.
Wait for a while and the app should be enabled as long as you have an active network and you should see the app enabled on the notification tab of your device.
There you have it buddy. If you know another awesome free VPN software other than spotflux VPN, please share with us using the comment form.

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