In this post, we will be talking on the best 4 online dating sites in Canada to meet single ladies and guys.

Asides immigrating to Canada and getting a job, there’s a need for love at some point. Now, if you ain’t keen to meeting people at your place of work, area, public places et cetera, you can opt in into online dating sites.

Online dating sites have been helping people build relationships since they became mainstream. These days, you don’t necessarily have to get out of your comfort zone to find a person to talk to or be with. You can do that all from your phone.

online dating sites in canada

In Canada, this isn’t any different. There are a few dating sites in Canada through which you can get to meet people and the likes. In this post, we will be looking at basically 4 of them.

Best Online Dating Sites In Canada

The list of top four dating sites in Canada are;


If this isn’t your first time trying out dating sites and apps, you may have heard of a few of them.

Online dating in Canada is a thing and has taken Canada by storm. Now, while these sites are active in Canada, it doesn’t mean they only work in Canada. They are available in a large number of countries. However, a few of them mentioned above, are tailored to the Canadian country.

With these sites, Canadians and foreigners alike, can find love online without having to leave their homes.

Having mentioned those sites, let’s talk a bit more on each and everyone of them.



Eharmony is a household name when it comes to online dating sites in Canada. The website has been in existence for a really long time now.

Founded by Neil Warren, a professional psychologist and accomplished author or 10 books on love and marriage, eharmony has around 33 million members worldwide.

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Match canada online dating site

There is a second best online date site in Canada and that’s

If you’ve been into online dating for a really long time now, there’s a huge chance you’ve heard of match. Not necessarily .ca, but

While is the global version of the online dating website, is the version specifically for Canada. Hence, if looking to find love in Canada, you should check out

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With more than 10 million members around the world, Lavalife is recognized as the dating site veteran. The website was founded in 1987 and it’s based in Canada. It’s available in French/english and is widely international.

With its clean and polished website with fantastic features, users can easily navigate through the site. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, lavalife is a great site to try.

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plenty of fish

PlentyOfFish is indeed, a household name when it comes to online dating sites.

The website started in 2002 and has over 30 million registered members worldwide. There are over 3 million active users per day. With such metrics, there’s a huge chance of you finding love in Canada.

The website is equally free to use however, to keep the service a float, there are advertisements on the site. Although compared to others, getting responses to your mail could be a bit harder. This is as a result of the site being free and the quality not being as top notch as the other sites mentioned above.

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There you have it. Those are some of the best online dating sites in Canada. Feel free to explore them and find love in Canada.

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