Get MovieDiary For iPhone : Stream Latest Movies and TV Shows Free

MovieDiary is one of those really cool apps you should consider downloading or getting on your iPhone especially if you are into movies and TV shows.


Well, I like to think the title of this content and the very first beginning essentially explained why. But not to worry, I’d still go a bit more in-depth.

That way, you’d get to understand why the app is important and why downloading MovieDiary for iPhone now, can be considered important. Especially if you happen to be a movie person.

MovieDiary App – Watch TV shows and Movies For Free On iPhone and iPad

Typically, the app allows you stream latest blockbuster movies and TV shows for free on iOS. Of course, this isn’t the first. We have other related apps doing the same, Right?

Well, here’s the difference. For starters, there is the Bobby Movie app which typically does the same. However, such app cannot be downloaded from the app store.

download moviediary for iPhone and iPad

Reason being that, just like every legitimate company on the internet, copyright infringement is kind of a big deal.

These apps providing these services of course, do not have the license to do so. Except for legitimate ones like Netflix, iFlix and the rest of them who obviously pay for license. For end users, using those apps or services, requires an active subscription.

MovieDiary, MovieHD, BobbyMovie and others, are totally free to use. You just have to deal with ads that are being shown on the apps.

Since those apps often requires being downloaded from an external source, sooner or later, you’d have to deal with the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error.

In the case of the MovieDiary app on your iPhone or iPad, you can be sure you wouldn’t be dealing with that error anytime soon. Why? Because it was downloaded from the official app store.

Why You Should Download The MovieDiary App On iPhone or iPad Fast?

Since Apple is a legitimate company same as Google, apps that tend to be involved in copyright infringement, are often prohibited.

Since the app allows you watch movies and TV shows including the latest ones for free, there is a huge chance the owners do not have the right to. And since the owners does not have the right to distribute such content, they are infringing copyright properties.

Having said that, in simple layman’s voice, there is a huge chance the app will be taken off the app store sooner or later.

Although the app essentially sorta connects with torrent sites to present links to movies and TV shows for users to watch, I still think it’s infringing.

Hence, now is probably a good time to hurry up and download the app before it’s taken off the itunes app store.

Download MovieDiary For iPhone and IPad

As at when writing this content, the app is currently available for download on the app store.

What that means is, you can download MovieDiary for iPhone and iPad now. Again, whether or not the app will be staying on the iTunes app store for a really long time is what I cannot ascertain. Hence, you really should act now.

Download HERE!

Not to worry, the link above links to the app store and not an external platform. Hence, you have no reason to be scared.

Having talked about that, would you be interested in knowing how the app works? I am sure you will be needing some guidelines, right?

How To Watch Latest Movies and TV Shows On MovieDiary

The intent behind putting this up, is to help you navigate around the app. That way, it wouldn’t seem like you are tapping too many screens leading no way. Admit, you need my guideline, right? *winks…

Quite frankly though, navigating the app is really easy.

Launch the MovieDiary application after download is complete. There, you will be presented with some of the latest block bluster movies under the discovery session. There is also the top TV shows, featured list and top movies last week session.

These sessions are put in place to make it easy for you to navigate through the app. Guess what, no ads. At least, none that I have been able to spot. You also do not need to sign up or sign to use the app. Really cool, right?

So, how exactly do you get to watch a movie or TV series?

Steps To Follow

  • Launch the app
  • Search or tap on the movie you’d like to watch. For example, Avengers: Infinity War.
  • When the page loads up, tap on the play icon.
    stream movies and TV shows on iOS using MovieDiary app
  • The app will attempt to search for sources and present you with a few links you can watch from.
  • Look at the size and quality, tap on whichever suits you.links to stream movies and tv series on moviediary app
  • After a few moment, the movie should begin to play.

Noticed all the options indicated in the screen shot above? Yes. Not only can you watch movies on the app, you can also see trailers and also, get description and other vital information pertaining to a movie.

This is one app I will really recommend you download on your iOS device be it an iPhone or an iPad.

Again, you should be fast with this (download link above). The app might not stay too long on the app store before the moderators behind the app looks into it and maybe, takes it off.

So tell me, what do you think about the MovieDiary app for iPhone and iPad which allows you watch latest movies and TV shows?

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