10 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps For Android TV Box 2018

Are you in need of the best working apps for streaming or downloading movies and TV shows for your entertainment pleasure on your Android TV box? On this post, I will be sharing with you, my best free 10 movie streaming apps to install and use on an Android TV box 2018.

Making research on the subject matter, there are quite a handful of contents talking on this. They even contain much number of apps. But guess what, most of those apps ain’t exactly working or compatible with Android TV boxes.

Although the apps are compatible on Android, it’s a bit different with android TV boxes. This could be due to various reasons including compatibility. Most of those apps were not developed with a widely bigger screen in mind. And knowing a TV box essentially works on bigger TV screens, the app needs to be programmed for that as well.

Here on this post, I will be sharing with you, my no-nonsense best working free movie streaming apps for android TV.

These are the apps I personally use on my TV box. Hence, the information you are getting here, is accurate as of 2018.

Personally, I currently use the Xiaomi MI Box and the X96 mini box. Both TV boxes are great and I’d advice getting any of them.

best free movie streaming apps for android tv box

I currently have both TV boxes within reach and soon, I will be putting up a comparison between both TV boxes. Hopefully, that will aid you in choosing which TV box to go for. Hence, be on the look out for that.

One of the main essence of getting an android TV box, is the ability to experience whatever you love doing on your phone, on your television. For me, when on android, I tend to watch quite a lot of movies and TV shows. Precisely when I have the chance to.

On mobile, apps are very important. As a matter of fact, apps are so important to the point where a limited number could lead to an Operating System going into extinction. Hello, Blackberry!

Before now, I had talked on the best movie streaming and downloading apps for android. If you missed that post, you can go through the list here. It’s a very comprehensive list with details and I am sure you’d find it really handy. Especially if you have an android phone.

Here, we will be doing the same. However, these are strictly going to be apps that I have personally confirmed working on Android TV Box and tend to use from time to time. Here, I will be sharing the best free movie streaming and downloading apps for android TV valid in 2018.

Best Free Movie Streaming Apps For Android TV Box 2018

First, what’s an Android TV box without applications installed?

With a wide range of apps to choose from, choosing the best can be a bit of a hard work. For this reason, I have decided to take the workload off your shoulders by recommending the following apps for free movie streaming on Android TV Box. That way, you can keep up with latest blockbuster movies and TV shows on your big screen television.

1. Kodi

Kodi needs no formal introduction. If you have been into the act of streaming movies for a long time, you’d know of Kodi. At least, you must have heard the name.

For android TV boxes, this is a necessity. Some Android TV boxes even comes installed with the KD player (Kodi) app. Example of such Android TV Box, is the X96 mini.

With Kodi, you can basically stream latest and block buster movies, TV shows and even enjoy live TV.

The app should most likely be the number one app you should install on your android TV box.

However, the app doesn’t exactly work right out of the box. You’d have to get familiar with addons. I personally use neptune rising addon and it works just fine for movies and TV shows.

2. YouTube

YouTube is mainstream, YouTube is big. The app is available on almost every platform. Android, iOS, windows, Playstation 4, you name it.

There are a lot of free movies you can watch on YouTube. Yes, you heard that right. Think of your favorite old movie. There is a chance you’d find it on the video sharing platform.

Other than movies, there are loads of other videos to feed on for entertainment. There is a huge chance you’d be wowed. Somehow, I find myself using the app very often as I use it in keeping up with shows. Especially if I rather prefer watching the show on my television as against using my phone.

YouTube app for Android TV comes highly recommended as a movie streaming apps for android.

3. Showbox

Yes, showbox again. When it comes to being able to stream or download block buster movies for free, I can’t stop talking about showbox.

Not only can you stream or download movies on showbox, you can also do same for your favorite TV shows.

I am a huge fan of empire. I’ve been following the TV series since inception. It just feels nice to not only be able to keep up with the show on my television rather than my phone, but to also entertain myself with the show in high-definition (HD) quality.

Yes, movies and TV shows on showbox are usually in HD or FHD quality.

However, if you are on a limited data plan, you may want to skip this one and continue reading. File sizes for movies on the platform are usually between 600 to 1GB for HD, and sometimes 3GB for FHD.

4. Bobby movie

You can’t talk about showbox and not talk about its brother, sister, friend, competitor, whatever you choose to term it as, Bobby movie.

Bobby movie pretty much does the same as showbox. However, while showbox can be quite handy for basically movie downloads (streams can be done of course), I consider Bobby movie to be faster when it comes to streaming.

Bobby movie also doesn’t have the news feature like showbox does, it has every other feature you can think of.

For some weird reason, I feel like movies appear faster on Bobby movie than they do on showbox.

For example, the black panther movie (HD quality) appeared fast on Bobby movie before it became available on showbox. It took about 24 before it appeared on showbox.

Hence, for the sake of varieties, I’d advise installing more than one movie and streaming apps. You should consider Bobby movie on your android TV box. No, seriously. You should.

5. Mobdro

Another favorite of mine!

Unlike the apps above which are basically for streaming and downloading movies and other important videos for your entertainment pleasure, Mobdro is a live TV service.

What that means is, whenever you choose to tune in to a station, you are streaming whatever is being aimed on the Channel at that point in time.

Downloading isn’t possible on Mobdro. At least, no proven method that I know of. This however, is because you are getting a live TV service and not some video sharing or movie download service.

There are a lot of channels you can watch on the service. These channels are also available in different languages depending on which suits you or tickles your fancy.

Are you from Germany? There are Germany channels for you. Spanish? They’ve got you covered.

Love sports? You’d get it on Mobdro. However movies and TV shows? That’s also part of the plan! Wildlife? Say no more. Consider having Mobdro installed on your android TV box and enjoy.

6. iROKOtv

Remember I said this contains all the apps I use on my android TV box? Well, irokotv is one of those apps I use for watching movies and TV shows.

download and watch irokotv app movies and tv shows on television

Unlike the above apps which has got international contents and sort, irokotv contains basically African contents. Although, Zee world was recently introduced in the mix, I have never tested if that works. Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of the TV shows airing on zee world. No offense to my Indian friends.

If you want to download and watch Nollywood contents, irokotv app is necessary. Same applies for Ghana movies. They are available on the platform.

Unlike the above apps which are kinda free to use, irokotv requires a subscription. This is relatively cheap. Just NGN 3000 (about $10 USD) yearly, not monthly. How cool is that?!

By default, the app may not work on some Android TV Box. It didn’t exactly work on the Xiaomi MI Box. However, I wrote on how to get the app working and running on a TV box.

7. Stremio

This is another movie and TV show streaming service. It’s often paraded as an alternative to kodi. However, for the sake of ease, I find myself using kodi more than I do with the app.

Just like kodi, add-ons are required on stemio if you aim to watch free movie contents and TV shows.

I consider the app handy and you may want to consider installing and testing it out on your android TV box. Use of the app is also free.

8. Google Chrome

Surprised? Wait, I will explain.

We all know Google Chrome is a browser application. Correct.

However, how do you download movies and TV shows from sites like FzMovies, TheWatchSeries and a couple of other online resource for free movies and TV show download? A mobile browser, right? Good.

Now, being able to actually download movies for your entertainment pleasure on Android TV Box, is possible. However, if you do not intend using apps, you’d need a browser. And that’s where Google Chrome comes to play.

Literally all the apps stated above, require a lot of data to fully utilize. If you on an unlimited data plan, that shouldn’t be a problem.

If however, you are on a limited plan, having to download from online movie sharing sites, is obviously the better option. There, you can get 480p resolution movies around 200 to 300MB. This can work well on your television depending on the inches of the TV though.

If you have a thing against Google Chrome, opera mini or ucbrowser or better alternatives.

9. Movie Player

I won’t be talking so much on this one. Why? Consider it a sequel to having a browser application installed on your TV box.

Although most browser apps do have an inbuilt media player, it may not be as flexible as external video players.

Movie player for one, is one video player I’d recommend trying out. I haven’t exactly used it much as I often use kodi installed. You may however, want to consider having it installed if you intend doing more of online movie and TV show downloads.

10. Google Playstore

Another surprise? Well, most of these apps are available on the app store. Without the app store, you cannot download a huge chuck of the apps mentioned above.

By default, this comes with literally every Android TV Box, hence, there might not be a need to still download externally.

Do note however, that apps like showbox, Bobby movie, Mobdro are not available on the app store. You’d need to source them online. Guess that’s another reason why you’d need to have a good browser on board.

So, there you have it guys. Those are my best 10 free movie streaming apps I use on my android TV box. What do you think about them?

Feel free to explore them and if you have other app recommendations for android TV box, feel free to share using the comment session. I’d be more than happy to try it out and possibly give a feedback.

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