How To Minimize / Reduce Data Consumption On Android Phones And Tablets

Hello Brother, how can one reduce d rate of data consumer on android phone? That was the question a friend on Facebook asked me while i was playing around the social network. Initially, i told him Disable auto-updating of apps, also close apps u aren’t using, but it seemed more like he wasn’t satisfied. Oh well, he obviously didn’t know his way around this neither did i put him through  that over the chat but then, i shared a friend’s post which talked more on the solution he was seeking. Whether or not he was contented with that, i still think it’d be nice i make some detailed solution to this problem. Hopefully he sees this alongside others who would be interested in knowing same.
Data Consumption On android phones and tablets isn’t new. You probably won’t notice this if you rarely use your android but guess what, the more apps and services you have running on your android device, the more data that’s been consumed.
minimum or reduce data consumption on android phone and tablets
Have you ever wondered why most people still tend to stick to using Blackberry devices despite the fact that BBM is now also on android and iOS? It isn’t just because they don’t wanna use a pin starting with 7(Like seriously, who cares?), the main reason is because with just N1000 , you’d use your bb as you like in terms of data for a whole month but same can’t be done on android.
Let me not bore you with more stories or case studies because i can go on and on but let’s head back to the main topic of this post, which is:

How To Reduce or Minimize Data Consumption On Android Devices

Like i had stated earlier, the main reason while data is been consumed on a fast pace on android devices is because of the services which term to always run in the background when there’s an internet connection alongside apps which also runs on the background.
Having known this, the next question would be, How Do I Stop These Services From Running On The Background? Now, running might not be the most appropriate word to use. I used that in making you understand what am actually talking about, android devices use the word ‘Sync‘ which in full, means ‘synchronize‘.
How To Stop Services From Synchronizing When There’s Internet Connection
On your android device, Tap your menu launcher button and Navigate to settings, under accounts, you will see some services that auto sync with data every time. Some of these services could include Google(Gmail and all google related products installed on the device), Skype, BBM, Twitter, Whatsapp, yahoo or what other app you might have installed that synchronizes with data anytime there’s data connection.
Tap on any of these services or preferably, do same for all services, tap on the sync symbol, and uncheck. You should get a notification that Sync is off.
Disable Google Play Store App Auto-Update
Yes, if you have apps installed from Google play store automatically updating to an updated version whenever its released, this will consume data way further than you can imagine especially if this apps comes in large Megabytes. Hence I’d advice disabling Auto-Update of apps.
How Do I Disable Google Play Store Apps Update?
Launch the play store app, navigate to settings, tap on Auto-Update apps, make sure to select “Do not update apps” and you are good to go.
There you have it buddy. That reminds me, have you read my post on the Best Internet Plans For PC, Android And Tablets March 2014? If you’ve not, I’d advice you should really read that. With that you shouldn’t have much worries related to data consumption on your android phones or tablet in terms of reduction or minimization.

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