Lost Or Forgot Yahoo Mail Account Security Answer, Here's A Quick Solution

Recently I stumbled on an issue with my yahoo email account, the username and password to the account was actually correct but the yahoo mail security check requested that I answer a security question I had set on my account which I don’t even recall to have set and that left me stranded.
I did a guess of the security answer three times and I was informed that the account is temporarily locked for 24 hours hence I have to try re logging in after 24 hours but what’s is the essence if I still do not remember my account security answer to the questions asked?
I faced this problem for some days till I was able to find a solution which helped me get my yahoo mail account back quickly.
Note: Even if you try logging via mobile, you will be told to access using a computer first so that won’t work but lemme head over on how to fix this.

Solution To Lost Or Forgotten Yahoo Mail Account Security Answer

If you find your account in this situation, here is the solution to getting your account re-installed without having to answer your security question which you probably do not remember.
Use your Alternative Email: Yes, based on my experience so far, this is the only solution to the above problems.
Do you remember Upon registering your yahoo mail account it was requested that you enter an alternative email address? This email address serves as a reference to retrieving your account in case of any issues.
forget yahoo mail account security answer
Visit www.yahoomail.com using a computer, click on ‘i can’t access my account
Next, select  I have a problem with my password and click Next
On the next screen, enter your yahoo mail ID(your email address) and the verification letters and click Next
Enter Your alternate email address and a password system password will be sent to it, verify and yes, you just got your account back.
You can now visit your account profile settings and set or edit your yahoo mail account security questions and answers to something you can easily recall.

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