How To Disable Or Remove Ads On HotSpot Shield VPN Completely

If you are a user of hotspot shield VPN then you obviously know that the VPN is a free service which clones your internet IP for secure browsing by changing your internet protocol popularly known as IP and as such, the service displays ads which I think they make earnings from but then, the ad placement could be so annoying and sometimes distract you from what you ought to be concentrating on and the only option left is you disabling or completely remove the ads on the hotspot shield VPN.
Hotspot Shield VPN was actually programmed by anchorfree and is one of the most popular and free proxy software available on the internet, it allows you surf anonymously on the internet via your web browser and at same time offers unlimited data download usage. However, this free VPN software does not offer great browsing experience because the free version has got its own limitations and as such, unwanted banners, popups and ads appears on all websites which is usually placed on top of the page and if you try to close them, another popup window gets opened automatically which will also need to be closed manually.

How To Disable Or Remove Ads From Hotspot Shield VPN

The easiest way to remove ads from Hotspot Shield VPN is to install AdBlock extension plugin on your browser but this plugin also blocks Google Adsense ads which often makes websites look less appealing than its original look, more so the Adblock also blocks every external script which might create unwanted browsing experience while browsing some websites but on this post, I’d like to share how to turn off Hotspot Shield Ads without ruining the browser experience in any browser especially with the google chrome browser.
hotspot shield vpn
Please be aware that Hotspot Shield ads normally appear in any browser whether its firefox, chrome, internet explorer, opera etc, however it automatically gets disappeared in mobile browser or mobile user agent such as the Android Browser, Ipad, iPhone or blackberry user agent etc, hence what you need to do is to just change the native user agent on the web browser with other user agent using the user agent spoof extension or plugin for various browsers.
Google Chrome Browser
For Google Chrome browser users, just install Chrome UA Spoofer from the chrome web store, after installation, click on the extension icon on the top right top of browser, then click any user agent such as iOs, Android or opera as the default user agent.
This will leave you browsing with modified new user agent without any restrictions and without any ads been displayed by hotspot shield vpn. You can also deside to change to any other user agent or switch back to the default chrome old user agent at any time.
Mozilla Firefox Users
For Mozilla Firefox users, you can install user agent switcher and switch user agent to Googlebot 2.1 from tools option and that’s it. Hotspot ads will no longer be displayed.
remove ads from hotspot shield vpn
More so, please be aware that Hotspot Shield VPN is now updated and showing notification to upgrade to new version on every webpage you visit, you should get the notification that reads ‘it appears that you are using an older version of hotspot shield! Please upgrade now to our new version. Click below to continue.’ But not to worry, the above guild will also stop this notification from displaying on every page.
Hope this post aids you in removing or disabling ads from hotspot shield vpn, you can also contribute or ask questions using the comment form and do expect more tutorials.

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