FzTVSeries.Mobi : How To Download Mobile TV Shows and Series Online

FzTVSeries is another amazing platform for downloading Mobile TV Shows and TV series. By mobile TV shows and Series, I am making reference to TV series that would work fine on your phone.

The platform is strictly a series download platform. It’s more like a sister site to FzMovies which is actually a platform for movies.

Here on this post, I will be introducing the platform properly to you. I will let you in on all the things you need to know about the platform, how to download from the platform as well as alternatives.

If this is something you’d be interested in, please take the time to read through. You most likely will find a thing or two to pick.

FzTVSeries.Mobi and MobileTVshows

Both platforms are actually the same. If you have been following the trend, FzTVSeries had some issues some time back. The platform was blocked and thus, had to move to MobileTVshows.

Recently, the platform returned back and it’s now back to what it’s been. It’s even better now as it works in similar pattern as FzMovies which as earlier mentioned, is a sister site dedicated for strictly movie downloads.

Download tv shows on Fztvseries

Hence, as at when writing this post, the fztvseries website to visit, is www.fztvseries.mobi. You should copy that URL, copy a new tab on your browser, paste it and type Enter on your keyboard.

FzTVSeries Features And What To Expect

As earlier mentioned, the platform is a TV show or series download platform and that’s basically what to expect.

However, to be more explicit, I will be outlining all the features of FzTVSeries also known as MobileTVshows and what to expect on the platform.

FzTVSeries features the following but not limited to;

  1. Stay up to date on latest TV show episodes of your favorite TV shows and TV series
  2. Stream episodes of TV series online
  3. Download shows for offline viewing
  4. No geographical limitation or anything of such
  5. Being able to download animations and cartons are also part of the package
  6. Download options are available in different formats; HD, MP4, and 3gp.
  7. Searching and finding your favorite TV shows is easy
  8. Oh, not forgetting, ads.

Having talked on some of the features available on the platform, how about we discuss how to download from the platform?

Why is it necessary?

Some sites tend to incorporate a lot of ads. These ads are often pop up ads and can be quite annoying.

Other times, a lot of links are being put in place to confuse users of which exact button to click which should take you to the direct download platform.

How To Download TV Shows and Series On FzTVSeries

If you want to access the platform and quickly download your preferred TV show without having to deal with a lot of ads? That’s where this part comes to play.

For the sake of this tutorial, I will be using Empire as well as Opera Mini Browser. I recommend using that browser or UCbrowser. In most cases, opera mini does it for me.

  1. Using Opera mini, visit fztvseries.mobi
  2. When the page loads, check through the homepage for your preferred tv show or enter the name in the search bar located at the top of the page.
  3. When show shows up, select the season. For empire, it is currently on Season 4 so I will tap on season 4.
  4. On the next page, tap on the episode. As at when writing this post, the latest is episode 16. I couldn’t find this on the platform which shows it isn’t up to date. The latest being shown is episode 9.
  5. Directly beneath the episode, tap on High MP4.
  6. The next page displays the download links. Choose any of the download links and the download option should pop up. On Opera mini, you can choose to play now or download or cancel. If you intend download, choose download.

So, there you have it, guys. That’s pretty much all I think you need to know about MobileTVshows also known as FzTVSeries and how to download from the platform.

Remember, the URL to the website is FzTVSeries.Mobi and not .com. That leads to a dead-end as it’s currently being parked.

Alternatives To FzTVSeries.Mobi For TV Shows Downloads

Alternatives are needed for the sake of varieties. If this platform isn’t working, here are a few alternatives to considering checking.


O2tvseries is one of the go-to resource platform for downloading episodes of your favorite TV shows and TV series.

The platform has been in existence for a really long time now and yes, it’s worth being mentioned as a major alternative.

However, the few times I have tried downloading episodes of my favorite TV show being empire from o2tvseries, the quality ain’t exactly that touch notch. You should however, be fine with it on your mobile display.


Yes, Showbox again. Don’t mind me, I just can’t stop talking about something I enjoy using.

Showbox not only serve as an app for movie news and movie downloads and streaming, it’s a great app for keeping up with your favorite TV shows.

The app takes note of the series you tend to follow and whenever there is a new update, you get notified on the notification tray if using an android device.

If connected to a WiFi network for the most part, the app will automatically download the updated episode in the background and notify you when it’s complete. That way, you do not have to go through the hustle of downloading and having to wait till download is complete. This however, can be changed in the app settings.

Quality of shows on the platform are in HD High-Definition) and FHD (Full High-Definition). That way, you get that crispness.


This is again, another cool resource for keeping up with those shows you love.

I haven’t exactly used the platform in a while now hence, there is not much I can say. Feel free to explore the platform and see for yourself.

There are also loads of other movie download platforms to check out.

Do you know what’s more interesting? Being able to keep up with those shows on your television rather than phone.

So, that’s it guys. Hope this solved all your queries in relation to FzTVSeries for downloading mobile TV shows and Series? Suggestions? Let’s hear it in the comment session.


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