Fix FzMovies Showing APK Download Instead Of Movie Download 2018

Are you currently trying to download a movie from FzMovies and rather than being presented the movie, you are presented an APK app download?

Here, on this post, I’d be showing you how to fix this on basically two browser apps. I will also be introducing you to a few alternatives you should consider checking out.

This error on the movie downloading site isn’t new. It has been ongoing for quite some time now.

The team behind the service even proffered a solution however, I feel the solution isn’t explicit enough. The simple solution given was turning off data saver.

People who do not know how to get around settings or functions on their phone, may not know how to get this done.

For this reason, I have decided to come up with this post which will show you in details, a step by step guide on how to download movies on FzMovies in 2018.

FzMovies Displaying App Download Instead Of Movies

The app download option can be tricky. Tricky in the sense that, it often carries the same name as the movie you want to download. For a lot of people who do not understand Android properly, they are prone to download and install the app.

If you are vested on virus and malware on phones, you are probably aware at this point, that the quickest way to have virus installed on your phone, is through apps. Especially apps downloaded from an external source that isn’t trusted.

fix fzmovies displaying apk app instead of movie download


Not to sound mean, FzMovies is a platform that shares copyrighted materials. Those movies you download for free, are copyrighted.

They don’t have the right to share those movies but, perhaps to help humanity, they choose to share them anyway. This is same for most movie sharing sites like couchtuner, coolmoviez, thewatchseries, 02tvseries and others.

Now, would you trust an app you downloaded from that platform? Especially one you have no idea what it does?

The name literally carries that of a movie rather than the actual app name. Isn’t that suspicious? My advice, Don’t download!

Even if you mistakenly hit the download button, it won’t pose any threat as long as you do not install or run it.

Now, this isn’t me saying the app is obviously harmful. This is me simply saying do not download and install an app you are not sure about.

How To Bypass App downloads on FzMovies and Download Movies Instead

Now, there isn’t a way to stop the app download from displaying or popping up.

If using a browsers with automatic downloads enabled, this might not to be good.


For every movie you try to download, there is a chance the browser will end up downloading the app automatically. Thankfully, chrome notifies you of app downloads. You should choose to not install the app.

If you read through the post where I talked on the easiest way to download from a movie downloading platform, I recommended that you use Opera mini browser.

For downloads on these platforms, I’d always recommend using UCbrowser or opera mini browser.

These apps are fast, reduces the number of pop up ads and downloads are also fast. I’d recommend them over using Chrome or Firefox.

Having stated that, this tutorial will be based off how to bypass the app download option on FzMovies and instead, download movies on FzMovies.

Fix FzMovies Movie App Display On Opera Mini Browser

Step 1: If you do not have this browser installed on your Android phone, download from the Google play store or use here.

Step 2: Having downloaded and installed the browser, visit

When the page loads up, navigate through the platform till you find the movie you want to download.

For the sake of this post, I will be using Black Panther movie as a case study.

Step 3: On the Black Panther Movie page, select High MP4 (HD Quality). This is the standard for smart phones and tablets. I’d recommend choosing that format instead.

Step 4: When the next page loads up, scroll down. Tap on Black panther CAMRIP high.mp4. As at when posting this, only the cam version is still available on the platform. Update: The HD version is now available on the platform for download.

Step 5: When the next page loads up, tap on Click here to download this movie on your phone.

The next page takes you to the various servers you can download the movie from. If one server is slow, choose another.

Step 6: When the download option shows up, look properly at the extension. It should be .mp4. If it’s different or displays .apk as the extension, choose cancel and re-tap on the download link. Do this till the MP4 format is displayed. It is save to download that multimedia format instead.

Download Movies From FzMovies Using Ucbrowser

Step 1: First, I’d like to assume you already have FzMovies installed on your android phone. If you don’t, download from the play store app here.

Step 2: Launch the app and input or

Search for your favorite movie. For the sake of this tutorial, I’d be using Maze Runner – The Death Cure 2018 as a case study.

Step 3: When the movie page displays, scroll down and tap on High MP4 (HD quality).

At this point, there is a chance a new tab may be displayed. Close the new tab. That’s courtesy of a pop ad.

Step 4: Return back to the fzmovies tab. Scroll down and tap on any of the movie formats you’d prefer. Currently, the movie is available in CAMRip, HDRip and WEB-DL. Whichever option you choose, stay away from CAMRip. The quality is usually terrible.

At this point, a new tab might still open again. Again, close it and return to the movie tab.

Step 5: On the movie page, scroll down and tap on CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS MOVIE ON YOUR DEVICE.

Again, another tab might open. Do the same thing. Close and return to the movie tab.

Step 6: Back on the movie tab, select any of the servers you’d like to download from. When prompted whether to play online or download, choose Download. I’m guessing the aim to so actually download the movie.

At this point, the download dialog should be displayed. Properly check it doesn’t have .apk as the extension. If it does, close and re-tap. However, if it displays .mp3 as the extension, you are free to download.

As you can tell, it’s a lot quicker using Opera mini compared to UCBrowser. For the opera mini tutorial above, I didn’t turn Off data saver. I actually enabled it.

Useful Related Resources

Interested in knowing other alternatives to this download platform? Read this post. Therein, you’d find the best related sites for free movies and TV show downloads.

Would you rather prefer using apps for movie downloads as against browsers? You should check out showbox and Bobby movie app. I recommend you read that post.

How about streaming as against downloading? Do you know Kodi? You should install the Neptune Rising Addon (how to) on Kodi to stream TV shows and movies for free.

Need more options? Stremio is a better alternative to Kodi. You should check that out as well.

So, there you have it. That’s how to fix the app download issue on FzMovies website by simply bypassing and downloading movies instead.

If you still have any issues related to this platform, please leave a comment and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

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