Fix Firefox Error “This Connection Is Untrusted” On WebSite Pages

I am pretty sure if you are a frequent user of firefox browser or Google chrome browser like I am, then at one point in time, you might have probably come across an error that’s reads “This Connection Is Untrusted“. This is usually the case when you try accessing a website or some websites. And quite frankly, sometimes, it feels like you are stuck. I get it, and I am here to help.

This error is common with secure sites like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and other secure websites that uses SSL certificates also known as https. There is a difference between http and https. The major difference is one showcasing being a secured platform while the other isn’t. By not showcasing being secured, it doesn’t mean the website isn’t usable. You shouldn’t just provide any confidential details, that’s all.

For the most part, strictly informational sites do not necessarily use https. However, with Google’s changes and sort, almost every informational and non-information site on the internet, now tend to use https connection instead. This is to be in line with the trend, I believe. Even the site you are currently reading this on, is using a https connection.

fix This Connection Is Untrusted error on mozilla firefox

The full message you might probably see is ‘This Connection Is Untrusted, you have asked Firefox to connect Securely to“, using as an example. Normally when you connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this sites identity can’t be trusted.

Connection Is Untrusted Error On Firefox, What it Means?

I’d believe that from the above sentences, it was clearly stated by Firefox what the connection is untrusted Error means. But, to add more to this, i would add that Some sites require your connection to be encrypted and secure so as to protect your data.

Websites that require SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption or HTTPS connection like gmail, Facebook etc always send some sort of certificate to your web browser which it checks whether it’s valid or not. When the secure connection certificate is invalid, your browser may be unable to connect with the website hence displaying those errors. In simple term, when the connection isn’t verified, it tend to display that error.

Sight for example, site A has the domain URL but doesn’t seem to have a verified SSL installed on the domain or server, it will return the connection is untrusted error. This simply tells users to be mindset of the website as the connection isn’t trusted. Perhaps because the SSL certificate isn’t verified.

How To Fix This?

Being able to fix this is quite simply and straight to the point. If you own the website, contact your host to verify an SSL certificate is correctly installed on the domain or website. If you are a user, then the steps below should work for you.

Simply click on ‘I Understand The Risks‘ which is below the What Should I Do Instructions. Thereafter, wait for the site SSL to be verified, then click on Add security exception and you are good to go. The site should load up now but with an inscription of insecure started on the address bar. If you want, you can decide to reach the website owner and inform them of the issue. I am sure they’d appreciate the information.

In most cases, the ‘I understand the Risk’ button is faded hence, it is impossible to click on it. In this case, simply check your system’s date and time to verify that the details shown are correct and up to date. Having confirmed that, reload the page.

Wrapping Up

That’s it. You should be able to fix the ‘Connection Is Untrusted’ error on your Firefox browser anytime with the above steps. Bare in mind though, this isn’t exclusive to just Firefox browsers. Same can be attained on Google Chrome browser or any other browser. And no, it doesn’t apply to just the use of a computer. The error could very much show up even on mobile browsers.

Error shown might not exactly be in same fashion as the one talked about in this post. The error message might be different. However, if same SSL error is what it about, same procedure to fixing it should apply. Just look out for further instructions being displayed beneath the error and if none, check your phone or computer’s date and time.

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