How Do I Deactivate Or Delete My Eskimi Account?

Pls, i need a step by step guild on how to deactivate my eskimi account. It has been posing problems into my marriage, pls i need answers urgently.
That was the question I received early this morning by a reader of this blog.
Like seriously, this question actually called for a serious research on my path. Truth be told, I haven’t logged into my eskimi account for years now. As a matter of fact, I had forgotten my username and password but thank God for the ‘forgot password‘ option, I was able to retrieve the details via email and logged into the account today.
Upon logging into my account, I navigated round the site looking for settings option but all to no avail. All I could see where coins, VIP, Skin, My profile and photos, Messages, stats, gifts and a host of other navigation links.
I navigated round the social network searching for the delete option but all efforts proved abortive. I even did a research on Google but all I could get were false information posted on questions and answers sites and this has sorta left me to a conclusive.
how to delete eskimi account
Can Eskimi Account Be Deactivated Or Deleted?
The simple answer to this question is NO or rather, Not Yet. Thanks to the OP, I just realized that eskimi accounts can’t be deleted or deactivated by its users which is something eskimi team needed to work on.
What Next?
Having known that its impossible at the moment to delete or deactivate an eskimi account, it wouldn’t just be nice to leave you at that. I’d like to share some tips or solution which I believe should be helpful.
Can’t Deactivate or Delete My Eskimi Account, What Next?
You can start by deleting your photos on eskimi. Eskimi still allows you to delete your uploaded pictures. You can start by deleting all of them and leaving that area blank.
Change your username: The social network still allows this to be done. Just change your username and nick name to something totally different.
Change your email and password: This can also be done. You can change your email address to something you can’t remember and do same for your password. Log out and go hang out with interesting friends. Doing all those is same as having the account been inactive as there isn’t anyway you can get access to it.
I hope the solution above helps in providing alternative means to deactivating or deleting your eskimi account. If you’d have further questions to ask related to Eskimi chat social network, you can relay them using the comment form.

Update: 02/04/2014

Big Thanks to @dzomon90 who showed us via twitter, a way to deactivating an eskimi account. All you need do is, sign into your account on eskimi social network, navigate to and scroll down to ‘Cancel Membership‘ and you are good to go.

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