CouchTuner : Watch TV Series Online Free and Best 5 Alternatives

A couple of times, I have shared the best online platforms to download free TV series and this time, we will be looking at CouchTuner.

CouchTuner as you probably already know, is an online website for downloading or streaming strictly TV shows. If you do not know before now, you are welcome.

If you happen to be one of those who prefer watching TV shows online rather than sticking to a time it airs on TV, this platform is one of those sites you should have on your radar.

These sites are useful in cases when you need to catch up on your favorite series. I understand there’s YouTube but really, there’s a huge chance you won’t get full clips of recent TV series on that platform due to copyright issues.

On this post, I will be introducing the online streaming platform to you properly, answer a few questions on the subject and also recommend a few alternatives. These alternatives are considered best, based on my understanding.

Are you ready?

CouchTuner – Watch TV Series Online

Couch Tuner has been around for quite a long while now. Since 2010 to be precise.

Over the course of years, the website has faced quite a handful of transitions. By that, I am making reference to domain and sub domain changes.

This is kind-of normal and during the course of this post, you will realize why. Also, I will be stating the current functioning domains so really, you should continue reading.

couchtuner stream tv shows online

Platforms like this isn’t only handy for recent TV shows update. Imagine you missed out on an episode of your favorite TV series. You most likely won’t be able to keep up on your television schedule to get this back. I mean, the chances of it airing again are kinda odd.

For this reason, CouchTuner and other movie steaming and downloading platforms are often the sites you run to.

Netflix may have you covered on this, however, it isn’t free. Netflix requires a monthly subscription to watch movies and shows. CouchTuner on the other hand, is free.

Free, but with a price. What price?

CouchTuner Ads and How To Bypass

Yes, just like 90% of sites on the internet, CouchTuner utilizes ads. I mean, how else are they suppose to keep the service running? Even apps which tend to allow you perform same features, often come with ads.

Using contextual ads like most blogs do would have been fine. By now, you should most likely be used to such. However, the TV series streaming website utilizes an annoying ad system known as pop up ads.

This isn’t just exclusive to the platform. Other series streaming sites like fztvseries which is a brother to FzMovies, also utilizes such kind of ads.

If you are used to the platform, you’d most likely know this.

Having known this, I’m sure you are asking, how do I bypass those pop up ads?

How To Bypass?

To be candid, there isn’t a way to stop the ads. Even your ad blocker might not help much. However, it can be reduced.

Having the ad show up between a few pages shouldn’t be a problem. But every page? A huge number of us do not like that.

To reduce these ads, I recommend using any of these two browsers;

  • Opera mini
  • UCbrowser

This of course, is if you intend using your mobile phone for this. Both apps can be downloaded from the app store.

Not only are these browsers advised to reduce ads on CouchTuner, they make downloading series and movies faster. This however, still boils down on the server download speed.

Not being able to use contextual ads is a problem faced on these online streaming sites. Why? Copyright Issues. Read on to understand this better.

Is CouchTuner Save and Legal?

What do you consider as copyright infringement? Is copyright infringement legal?

First, copyright infringement in its simplest term, is using other people’s property without permission from them. Often at times, if it’s a written material, it’s called plagiarism.

Movies and TV shows are considered properties. CouchTuner since distributing it for free, most likely does not have the license to do so.

Copyright infringement is definitely not legal. Since the website uses other people’s properties without their consent, it means Couch Tuner is not legal.

But, does that mean you cannot stream your favorite TV shows from the service? Definitely not.

Piracy in today’s world, can not be eradicated. It’s probably high time we accept that. It can only be curbed but not be stopped.

Is CouchTuner Safe To Use?

Recently, I talked on FzMovies displaying an app download option as against the movie download option.

You’d most likely not experience that on couch Tuner. Hence, the website should be safe to use.

You should however, be mindful of the pop up ads. If you are quite vested with the internet, you should be able to tell them apart.

Whatever way you choose to interact with the ads on the platform, may be outside the service scope. Whether or not, that’s safe, is something I cannot ascertain at this point.

Current Working Domain and Couch Tuner Sub Domains

As earlier mentioned, the platform has faced a lot of transitions since it was first launched.

This is often due to blocks and issues from property owners, I guess. However, the current working domain is

You should select and copy that, open a new tab and paste it in.

Other sub domains useful includes;


These are sub domains you can also try out. They are useful in a case where the first doesn’t work.

Having cleared that out, how about some alternatives?

5 Best CouchTuner Alternatives

Having talked much on the subject matter and providing you with the most vital information you need on the subject, it’s time to share a few alternatives.

In no particular order, these are the best couch Tuner alternatives I currently know of:

Is it okay to just mention them? How about I talk a little more on them? Cool? OK.

1. O2tvseries

O2tvseries has also been around for a long while now. Perhaps, one of the most popular go-to sites for free TV shows and series downloads.

Not only can you stream on the platform, you can also download the shows thereby having them saved on your phone. That way, it will be easy to share with friends via app sharing apps like Xender.

2. FzTVseries

This is basically a TV series only platform. It is a brother to FzMovies which is solely for movies.

On the platform, you can not only stream your favorite shows, you can also download them.

Downloading on the platform is super easy if you know your way round. Being able to download in different quality and from different servers is also part of the deal here.

3. WatchSeries

This has also been around for a while now. Interesting, just like CouchTuner, watch series also have a handful of domain variations.

Just as the name implies, the platform is strictly for shows and series. On the platform basically, you can stream movies with different servers to choose from.

4. Bobby Movie

Unlike the above mentioned, this is actually an app. I have talked about the service and it comes highly recommended.

download bobbymovie app for latest tv shows

Not only can you watch shows on the bobbymovie app, you can also watch movies. The shows and movies are often updated quickly. Hence, there’s no need to wait.

The app is available for both Android, iPhone, Android TV BOX, and PC.

5. Showbox

If you have been in the act of downloading movies and TV shows online, there is a huge chance you must have heard of showbox.

Just like bobbymovie, showbox is actually an app. The app offers basically what you’d get on bobbymovie.

However, based on personal preference, I find myself using showbox better than I do with bobbymovie. Bobbymovie on the other hand, seem to play movies and shows faster than showbox does.

Again, this is just personal preference.

6. MovieDiary For iPhone

This happens to be the latest app I discovered especially for the iOS platform. Usually, such apps are required to be downloaded offline. However, the MovieDiary app is currently available in the app store. That way, you shouldn’t experience issues with being able to use the app after a period of time.

So, there you have it guys. I like to think this post answers all of your questions you may be having regarding the TV shows streaming platform and the best CouchTuner alternatives to look out for.

If you have further questions on the subject matter, I am more than open to respond using the comment session.

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