: Create And Generate Logos, Text Designs, Symbols, Buttons Online is a FREE graphics generator, text designs, symbols and button generator for web pages, blogs, websites and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work or use of software like Photoshop, all that you need to do is simply choose what kind of image you would like, choose your preferred format, tweak to your taste and save and you are good to go.
Cool Text has been a great tool for me when creating logos for my blogs and websites of my clients, since Adobe Photoshop seem not to work on my laptop i had to option to creating my site logo designs online via the use of cooltext.
Take a look at the current logo on this blog( i used this service in creating it for absolutely free without paying a single dime.

CoolText Logos Generator

cooltext logo generatorThe website has got loads of predesigned formats to choose from that fits to your taste, examples of there formats are: 3D Outline Gradient
, 3D Outline Textured, Alien Glow, Animated Glow, Blended, Bovinated, Burning, Carved, Chalk, Chrome One, Chrome Two, Chromium, Comic, Cool Metal, Crystal, Cutout, Embossed, Fantasy, Felt, Fire, Frosty, Glitter, Glossy, Glowing Hot etc.

Just choose any of the formats and customise the colour, text to your preferred taste, when done simply click on preview and you then save and upload to your webpage or you can simply use cooltext or host the image and use the image link.

Cool Text Button Generator

cool text button designsYou can also use the sites pre-formatted buttons design to create a button for your blog like download buttons, favicons etc, the buttons consist of different designs like Ah Pink, Armor, Army, Cherry, Chocolate, Cloud, Ghost, Girly, Graffiti, Graffiti Creator, Hippie, Hot Rod, Midnight, Ninja, Orange, Plain,Still Cool etc. Fonts fontsThe website has also got loads of fonts to choose from to design your logo, most fonts on the site are Top 100 3D, Brandname, Classic, Comic, Decorative, Dingbats, Dingfonts, Elegant, Famous, Freaky, Fun, Futuristic, Games, Gothic, Graffiti, Grunge, Handwriting, Hard to Read, Horror, Huge, International, Kids, Modern, Movies and TV, Music, Outline, Pixel or Small, Retro, Romantic, Sans Serif, Science-Fiction, Script or Brush, Serif, Slab Serif, Stencil, Stylish, Technical etc.

How Do I Visit CoolText?

Simply visit and you are ready to create or generate your logo or button for your domain, blog, webpage or just fun.

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