CoolMoviez.Mobi : Best 10 Alternatives For Free Movie Downloads

CoolMoviez is one of those platforms you tend to go to for movie downloads. Not just movie downloads, but free movies. While the platform does pretty much, it is necessary to have the best alternatives for free movie downloads on your radar. The CoolMoviez website.

I have known the platform for quite some time now and it has always delivered as being really resourceful.

When it comes to top 10 movie download sites on the internet, it’s definitely okay to have this platform included in the list.

Based on experience and usage, for some reason, I still find myself using FzMovies more than I do with cool moviez. However, on this post, I’d be talking on the best 10 Alternatives for movie downloads.

CoolMoviez.Mobi – Download Latest movies and TV Shows Online

If you are into watching or downloading movies and TV shows online, it is necessary that you have alternatives. Call it varieties. After all, there is a saying, ‘Variety is the spice of life‘.

best alternatives for tv shows and movie downloads

The reason why varieties are often important is, being that these platforms are free to use, there is a huge chance they could suddenly become inaccessible. Or perhaps, that particular movie isn’t just downloading.

Just before I head over to the best alternatives to have, are you having difficulty with downloading from Would you be interested in a step by step guide on how to download from the platform? If yes, do let me know using the comment session and I will likely put up a post on that.

Having said that, let’s talk on the best alternatives you should consider having or using for free movie and TV show download.

Best 10 CoolMoviez Alternatives For Free Movie Downloads and Streaming

In no particular order, these are the best 10 CoolMoviez alternatives for movie downloads and TV series.

  • FzMoviez
  • Showbox
  • Bobby Movie
  • MovieDiary
  • MP4mobilemovies
  • MP4moviez
  • YouTube
  • Foumoviez

Having listed all those platforms, it is important you know not all are actually sites. Hence, it is important you take the time to still read through the rest of this content to find out which you should really download.

1. FzMoviez

When it comes to downloading movies with ease and with a reasonable data size in mind, FzMovies is my go-to-platform.

This platform has turned out to being my favorite go-to platform when I intend downloading a movie between 200MB to 300MB. There are about 5 servers to choose from when deciding to download and in a case when one isn’t fast, you can always choose to use another.

I recommend using opera mini browser for this platform and perhaps, other platforms on this list. That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with too many pop up ads. For TV series, the site has a sister site which carters for that.

2. Showbox

Unlike FzMovies which is a download site, showbox happens to be an app. Actually, one of the best apps for this sort of things.

If you are on the look out for movies and TV shows in HD and FHD formats, showbox is the go-to app for you.

Not only can you download movies and TV shows on the platform, you can also stream these movies. You know what’s more interesting? It’s free! You only have to deal with ads which is quite normal.

I often resort to show box if I need to download a movie or episode of a TV show in High Definition quality. Other times, I resort to FzMovies. Especially if I can make do with a lower quality.

Download Showbox

3. Bobby movie

Bobby movie app is a major contender to show box. If you’ve got showbox installed on your phone, you should have this one installed too.

They pretty much do the same thing. However, sometimes, latest blockbuster movies appear faster on this than they do on the former. Usually like a day or two interval.

However, unlike on showbox where you also get to explore news and happenings around the movie world, Bobby movie typically settles around being able to stream movies and TV shows.

The app is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and even Android TV Box.

Get BobbyMovie App

4. MovieDiary

This is actually one app I recently just discovered. I haven’t exactly used it much, but from the look of things, it may turn out to become my best go-to app for blockbuster movies and TV series.


No ads. At least, none I have been able to spot. Kinda makes me wonder how the developers intend keeping the service alive for a long while.

download moviediary for iPhone and iPad

Maybe, just maybe, ads or some sorta subscription service will be introduced in due time. Otherwise, I can see the app going into extinction if there isn’t any measure put in place to make money for the developers.

I would recommend getting this app on your iOS device as it is currently available even on the app store. That way, you won’t have issues with using the app on the long run as long as the service is still open.

Download MovieDiary


As you can tell, this carries almost the same name as CoolMoviez. The only difference is the my and the cc extension.

The main platform being talked about here, has the domain name as while this has

This is kinda normal as there is some sort of competition in relation to free movie download platforms on the internet. This is definitely one you should also check out.

6. HDMP4mania

This is another cool platform that has been available on the internet for a really long time now.

I think the site creators just recently changed the domain name thus making it This is normal as these sites tend to face quite a handful of copyright infringement issues.

For this reason, they are often blacklisted and they are often left with no option than to rebrand to a new domain name. That way, they are able to keep the service going till whenever.


From the name, you can tell what the platform is all about. is another pretty cool platform to check out and a good alternative to CoolMoviez. While the platform pretty has the same offering as every other platforms already mentioned before now, there is a bit of a difference.

Not only do you get to download movies on the site, you can also opt in for mp3 songs. What that means is, also has mp3 category on its radar. This can be useful of those with flair for not just movies, but songs as well.

8. YouTube

Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t. YouTube can be a very handy platform for free movies and TV shows.

scream movies and tv shows on youtube


Well, think of that really old movie you missed and wouldn’t mind watching again. Now, head on to YouTube and search for that movie.

Found it?

You see! While this is quite fascinating, you shouldn’t expect getting the latest movies and episode updates on the platform. Reason being that, a huge chuck of the time, they do not have the license to keep that on the platform.

However, you could be lucky. Especially if it isn’t a so much global movie that recently came out. I had to chance to watch a movie that was still airing at the cinema, on YouTube. I am sure the creators didn’t know nor couldn’t spot it on time. But, that’s what it is.

9. FouMoviez

FouMoviez is another platform to check out if looking for alternatives to CoolMoviez.

The site’s interface is quite easy to work with on the homepage, you get to see the content recently added session. This should aid you in finding what’s new on the platform.

The platform also displays the IMDB ratings for movies which should give you a head-start as to whether or not, a movie is worth downloading or skipping. Being able to search for movies based on the year, is also part of the bargain here.

10. 300mbfilms

When you hear of a domain name as such, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

300mb file sizes, right? Well, maybe, maybe not.

However, what I am certain of, is the fact that not only offer free movie downloads, they also offer WWE wrestling matches for those who are fans of WWEs.

You can download these shows and get to explore watching them on your phone without eating so much on your data.

So, there you have it guys. Those are the best 10 Alternatives to for free movie downloads. Know of any other platform worth checking out, try suggestion using the comment session.

One thing though, be comprehensive with your suggestion that way, we could go through and perhaps, have it published as well.

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