16+ Best Movie Apps To Download Movies, Shows Free On Android 2018

Are you a fan of streaming movies or downloading movies online? Perhaps, you prefer downloading movies for free online? On this post, I will be sharing with you, the best movie apps to download movies and TV shows for free on android.

In today’s world, the cinema is often where most people go to, to see the latest blockbuster movies.

We currently have the Avengers – infinity war showing in the cinemas and why I often advocate that you spend money on these movies as they are worth it, there are times when we just want to sit at home and enjoy these movies on our mobile phones.

For Android, there are quite a handful of resources from where you can actually download free movies and sort.

Here on this post, I will be sharing with you, over 16 best movie apps to download free movies and TV series online in 2018. Additionally, I will point out a few other sites if you are the type who likes to keep apps on the minimal.

best movie apps to streaming and downloads movies for android

If you are aiming to download the Avengers – Infinity War on any of these apps or sites, you won’t be getting the HD (high-definition) version. Instead, what you’d be getting is the CAM version.

Even black panther released in January, as at the time of writing this content, isn’t available in HD quality. Update: the HD version is now available online.

CAM as you know, is not anywhere close to being good display quality. For now, if you long to see the movie, please visit the cinemas. It might take a few weeks to months before it becomes available online.

If you aim to download older movies, then these apps is for you.

Guess what? Pacific RIM Uprising 2018 is out in HD quality and yes, you can download the movie for free on some of the apps and sites I’d be listing below.

Having said that, how about we head on to the main subject of this post. Shall we?

16+ Best Movie Apps To Download and Stream Movies and TV Shows For Android Free

To further ease you with your search, I will start by listing the best apps to download free movies on Android. Thereafter, I will talk a bit on the apps and provide you with a download link.

Sounds cool, right?

Thereafter, I will proffer a few sites which you should consider as alternatives. Hence, to get all of these, make sure you take the patience to read to the very end.

In no particular order, these are the best movie downloading apps on Android.

  1. AVD Download Video
  2. All Video Downloader
  3. Crackle
  4. Showbox
  5. Mega box HD
  6. Google Play Movies
  7. YouTube
  8. BobbyMovie
  9. Flipps
  10. Hubi
  11. Tubi TV
  12. PopcornFlix
  13. Yidio
  14. Kodi
  15. Stermio
  16. Mobdro.

All 16, right? Now, how about we talk a bit on these apps and also provide the download links for them?

1. Crackle

This service has been in existence in for a really long time now. If you watch to watch movies on Android, this is one app you should download.

On crackle, there are loads free movies including some popular ones like Big daddy, Mr. Deeds, SNATCH and a host of others you can actually download.

Additionally, new contents are added every month. Other than movies, there are also full length TV series and episodes to enjoy.

Use the link below to download Crackle – Movies & TV Android app from the play store.

Download Crackle APK

2. YouTube

Would you have thought you’d be able to download free movies on YouTube? I mean, YouTube is a video sharing service and video downloads are obviously prohibited, right?

Well, true. Not being able to download videos on YouTube was put in place to avoid copyright issues. But, what if I tell you, being able to download a movie on the platform is still very feasible?

If you aim to find newly released blockbuster movies on YouTube, you’d most likely be disappointed. However, think of old interesting Jet Li movies, Jackie Chan movies and those of your favorite actors and actresses, you’d find them on the platform.

Having found the movie, you can decide to stream the movie online or, download it. To download, you can use savefrom.net or use any YouTube Video Downloader. Tdownloader is one of the numerous apps that allow you do that.

Download YouTube App

3. Google Play Movies

Yes, Google has its movie streaming service. This was/is meant to contend with other players like Netflix.

To be clear, movies on this platform are not exactly free. Same with Netflix. You’d have to purchase or rent the movie on the platform.

The good news however, is the fact that you can download from Google play movies to your Android phone. This can be very handy for offline viewing.

Interested? Here is google’s instruction on how to download from the platform to watch offline.

To download Google play movies from the play store app, here is the direct link.

4. Showbox

You need an almost completely free movie downloading app for Android? Showbox is your go-to-app.

This is my personal favorite. Actually, the next one I’d be talking on, is still my favorite.

Wonder why I said almost completely free? I’ll tell you.

Showbox app has ads. These ads no doubt, can be quite annoying. But, downloading movies and TV shows on the app is absolutely free. So, technically, it’s free right?

I have personally been using the movie and TV shows Android app for a really long time now and I’d recommend it to anyone anytime, any day.

Not only do you get the latest blockbuster movies and TV shows on the platform, you can also read up the latest happenings around the movie world. This is definitely an application for movie enthusiasts.

Another interesting feature with Showbox, is the ability for the app to automatically download updates of your favorite TV shows. However, this only works when connected to a wireless network.

Sadly, the app isn’t available on the play store market. Thankfully, you can still download it on your android phone.

Download Showbox For Android

5. Bobby Movie

This is another favorite of mine. Bobby movie app to the best of my understanding, is a major contender to Showbox.

Now only the app available for download on Android, it is available for downloading on Android TV boxes, computers as well as iOS.

On the app, you can download the latest blockbuster movies for free as well as TV shows. If you’d like to stream rather than download, the servers on the app are faster compared to those on Showbox.

Of course, on both apps, you can stream movies if you are not comfortable with downloading the movies. The app is available on different platforms including android tv boxes and iPhone. For iPhone, download here.

Get BobbyMovie APK App

6. Tubi TV

This service has been available for a while now. It’s one of the go-to apps or service for legal movie streaming.

To be fair, some of the best apps for downloading latest free movies are not legal. On those that are legal, they are often old movies you’d get to find.

On Tubi TV, it’s legal to use and stream movies on the platform. However, registration is required and most of the time, what you get are old movies.

The app is available on almost every platform including Playstation 4.

Download Tubi TV for Android

7. AVD Download Video

To be fair, AVD download Video also known as Android Video Downloader is not exactly an app containing movies and TV shows. Instead, it’s an app that helps you download videos from the video link provided.

It kinda works in Similar manner as TDownloader for iPhone does. Simply use the browser in getting the video link and download.

Movies downloaded using this app, is automatically stored in the Gallery folder on your phone.

Download from PlayStore

8. All Video Downloader

All video downloader in simple terms, is another download manager for Android. This app helps you download multimedia files like videos, music, photos and ebooks straight to your phone.

This is quite different from the AVD video. With this app, you can visit your favorite video platform and you should be able to find the option to download videos from those platforms.

All video downloader supports major video streaming sites like Vimeo, TED and other 50 other sites.

Do you have a movie you’d like to download from any of those platforms? You should use all video downloader.

Download from PlayStore HERE

9. Popcornflix – Great Movies Free

With over 1000 movies in its database, Popcornflix can be your next stop for free movies on Android.

On the app, you can quickly search for movies through genres, data release and more. There is also a search feature on the platform. That way, if you have a movie in mind, getting the movie is as easy as typing the title.

Movies on the app are updated from time to time. Hence, it’s always a good idea to check often for latest movies you can download for free on your android phone.

Download Popcornflix app

10. Kodi

Kodi is no doubt, very popular. It is run and managed by a non-profit organization hence, it’s a bit different from other apps listed here.

Getting a hold of the app for the first time, can be quite confusing. Basically, being able to steam movies and TV shows on the app, requires plug-ins.

The app has got a considerable number of plug-ins on its platform. However, one of the best movie and TV shows plugin I’d recommend installing, is Neptune rising. I personally use that plugin and it works just fine.

Get Kodi For Android

11. Stremio

Stremio is a valid alternative to Kodi. Why? Because just as Kodi, it requires the use of plug-ins for it to properly work.

Out of the box, you can get to steam movies on the app but usually, this will require subscription from other platforms.

However, if you aim to stream movies for free on the app, you would need to have some plug-ins installed.

Get Stremio APK App

12. Mobdro

Love watching internet TV channels? By that, I am making reference to your favorite TV channels on cable. Do you love watching them?

If yes, you will most likely love mobdro.

I consider mobdro to be a valid alternative to DSTV and a variety of other cable channels. The app allows you stream your favorite cable TV channel for absolutely free. I consider that to be mind-blowing.

If you are a sport fan, there are a handful of sport channels on the app for you to get a feel of.

Prefer movies and TV shows? There are also loads of channels which tend to wow you with movies and TV shows. Using the app is absolutely free and doesn’t exactly require registration. However, just as other major free sites, you’d be faced with ads.

If you’d rather prefer enjoying the service without having to face ads, there is a premiere version and quite frankly, it is very affordable.

Download Mobdro 

13. Yidio: TV Shows and Movie Guide

This is another app I’d recommend having on your android phone if you are a movie enthusiast. The app serves as search engine for online content.

There are quite a handful of free movies on place for you to watch and also, a good navigation menu to compliment user behavior.

On Yidio, there is an advanced search box with good filters which should aid you in finding your favorite movie or TV shows faster. This can be according to producer and Genre. With Yidio, you can request any movie you want as it has a request movie option. You’d also be notified as soon as the movie is added on the app.

Download Yidio 

14. Hubi – Streaming and Download

Still need more movie streaming and download apps? You can have hubi on your radar.

Hubi is a movie app which let’s you stream online movies for free. You can also download these movies at no additional cost or charge.

Upon requesting to watch or download a particular movie, you are presented with sever links to choose from. That way, you get varieties and if one isn’t fast, you can pick another.

Get Hubi For Android

15. Mega Box HD

I haven’t exactly tried this one, however, the reviews seem to be quite good.

Mega box HD is said to be similar to showbox. Hence, if you are looking for alternatives to showbox, megabox HD should be on your radar.

The app is very small in size. Precisely about 1.8MB hence, resources on your phone shouldn’t be an issue. When steaming movies, there are basically two options to choose from; 360p and 720p.

Movies on the app can also be downloaded and saved on the phone for offline viewing.

Get Mega Box HD for android

16. Flipps – Movies, Music & News

Coming last and not the least in my recommended best free movie download and streaming apps for Android, is Flipps.

In simple terms, Flipps HD is an android movie app which allows you wa characters movies on your smart phone. On the app, you not only get to option to steam movies, being able to download these movies is also part of the bargain.

What that means is, you can also download movies on the app. It’s categorized as one of the best Android movie app available.

Download Flipps For Android

Best Movie Download Sites As Alternatives

If for some reason, you’d prefer using sites to apps, I have got you covered.

Showbox being my favorite, often makes videos available for download in HD and FHD quality. This is really awesome, right?

Yes, I know!

However, download size for those movies are often within the number of 800MB to 3GB. A whooping 3GB of size for just one movie.

If you intend watching movies in bigger screens, great! For smaller screens like mobile phones and tablets, I am particularly comfortable with 480p. For this reason, I resort to FzMovies with download size usually within 200mb to 300mb. Plus, downloads on FzMovies are often fast.

Having said that, if you prefer sites for downloading movies to using apps, I’d recommend for following;

  • Fzmovies (my top favorite)
  • Coolmoviez.mobi (another worthy favorite)
  • O2tvseries (basically for TV shows)
  • TheWatchSeries (for basically TV shows as well)
  • Couchtuner (another tv shows entity)
  • Alternatives to Fzmovies (therein, you will find best 10 sites for downloading movies).

Hope this post helped you in your quest to finding the best movie apps to download movies and shows for Android?

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